Experiment the Dynamik Workspace

Mobility, Flexibility, Team work... Experiment the Dynamik Workspace.

Majencia introduces its new...

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A flagship international reference for Majencia

Majencia will design the areas occupied by the Permanent Representation of France to NATO.


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Eklipse wins the Janus de l'Industrie award

Judges were unanimous in their decision to award the...

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The Crédit Agricole group is a strategic partner for Majencia

Majencia obtains a major development project and wins an innovative initiative award with Crédit...

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Majencia launches the "Mobilité Sociale Connectée®" (Connected People's Mobility) programme

What social changes do businesses need to adapt to? How do you improve the motivation of each employee? What conditions are required to stimulate innovation...

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Majencia is launching EKLIPSE, a new and comprehensive furniture range.


Organisations are constantly evolving and must now combine new work practices and intuitive design within a rapidly evolving "multi-space" environment....

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@Majencia [WORKPLACE MEETINGS 2018][J+1] L'équipe #MAJENCIA en mode speed meeting: des postures variées mais toujours en mode… https://t.co/EV9unKYe1t go to tweet
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@Majencia [WORKPLACE MEETINGS 2018][JOUR J] L'équipe MAJENCIA vous accueille pour partager sa vision sur les lieux de vie inn… https://t.co/EuMssKBfbl go to tweet
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@Majencia [WORKPLACE MEETINGS 2018][J-8] Nouveaux environnements de travail: quels lieux de vie pour quels usages et quels le… https://t.co/FjMuPh7JVx go to tweet
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