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User support throughout the project, making change a shared project that brings teams together.

Change management seeks to improve project success and get everyone on board. Support for change includes support tools and practices to explain the project's challenges, share benefits with everyone involved, and achieve the expected project results under optimal conditions.

When change is properly managed, it can can create value and improve performance.

Involving users in the project through collaborative design workshops, encouraging users to take ownership as active players, effective communication, developing loyalty and creating synergies.




Supporting you in your property strategy.

Helping you manage several sites. Studying possibilities for optimising space and costs. Technical audits of your property portfolio.

Strategic guidance, Assistance for site selection, Technical audit, Capacity study, Scheduling, Feasibility study.




Expressing the business's future activity in dimensional, functional, technical and human terms. 

Understanding professional activities and work practices. Getting the right grip of the corporate culture, what makes it unique, its primary values and the identity the business wishes to promote. Anticipating potential stumbling blocks.

Identifying needs, flow management, close working relationship



Designing workspaces tailored to employee needs.

After analysing the relationships between departments and staff, we offer to transpose your organisation within a space. Together we design, develop and create your workplaces.

Design charter, Macro-zoning, Micro-zoning, Detailed and named layout, Selection of décor, Design study, Layout, Materials study, Lighting study, Colorimetry, Inside / outside signs, 3D models

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